1. Cinematography

This workshop will explore the essentials of shooting film using video cameras and their accessories. With the aid of film tests and illustrations, participants will understand the essential lighting techniques and how these inform the mood of a story while also experimenting with expressive lighting styles.

  1. The Frame
  2. Shot Types
  3. Composition
  4. Framing People
  5. Eye lines
  6. Creating Depth
  7. Rule of 180
  8. Using a Monitor
  9. Using a Clapper board


  1. Screenwriting

Every film starts with an idea for a story, but how does one develop that into an actual screenplay? The screenwriting workshop will enable participants understand the basics of visual storytelling and constructive analysis of an idea and building it into a treatment, an outline, rough draft, and ultimately, a shooting script. Each participant will write his or her own basic idea and other recurring outputs that lead to a shooting.

  1. The Story
  2. Elements of a Screenplay
  3. Theme, genre & Premise
  4. Plot
  5. The Drama of Conflict
  6. Character & Characterization
  7. The Three Act Structure
  8. Writing the Treatment
  9. Scene Design
  10. Writing Dialogue


  1. Sound Recording

In this course participants will look at different recording gear suitable for micro and low independent film projects, understanding the limitations of the equipment, the challenges and requirements of location scouting, and look at tips and strategies for managing the sound recording on your next independent project.Eligible participants include sound technicians, producers, writers and directors that want clarity and understanding of this critical area of filmmaking.

  1. Planning and budgeting for audio
  2. Acquiring a great sound on location – how to scout sound friendly locations
  3. Post production sound. What you need to know and budget for Foley, ADR, Sound
  4. Design, Mixing
  5. Pros and cons of industry standard equipment
  6. How to build your sound kit (from a micro budget to big)
  7. How to capture great sound in any environment


  1. Video Editing

This workshop will expand the learners’ understanding of the principles needed to create a coherent and consistent story using the most affordable editing tools of Final Cut and Adobe Premiere CS6.Participants of this workshop must demonstrate existing capacity of using the above mentioned softwares.