This year the workshops are divided into two categories:

The Film Making Crush Course

This will be a Four-day workshop for beginners where participants will be given a run through the basics of film making;

  • Day one- Preproduction, (Script writing, Casting etc.)
  • Day two – Production (Principal Photography)
  • Day three & four – Postproduction. (Editing, Graphics, SFX)

The workshop climax will be a production of a short film made with the input of all the participants

Master Classes

These master classes are designed for films professionals that already know the basics of filmmaking and are aimed at sharpening/improving the already existing skills of the participants.

There will be two master classes

  • Lighting for film
  • Sound management in film

Film Forum:

The Topic for the film forum UFF2014 is “How to Market and Distribute Films”. UFF2014 has invited both international and local professional with expertise in Marketing and Distribution of film who will share and discuss with filmmakers, film distributors the various ways to market and distribute films.