1. Name of Film: Missing
Director: Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine
Producer: Aida Mbowa (
Film Synopsis: An untimely death triggers memories and desires that haunt and soothe a grieving soul.


2. Name of Film: Crying for Help
Director: Komaketch Daniel (
Producer: Omagor Joseph (
Film Synopsis: A story about Ann,a girl fighting for justice in a village poisoned with rapist and corrupted police officers. Ann is beaten and gang raped and since no one is willing to help her, she decides to do what she can to put everything behind her.

Giramiya Patience
Akello Acii
Delcol Ken Kaunda
Ojok Geoffrey


Name of Film: Haunted Christmas
Director: Komaketch Daniel (
Producer: Onen Martin (

Film Synopsis: One Christmas, Eve a young man accidentally kills his brother when he suspects that he is secretly going out with his girlfriend. His brother’s ghost eventually comes back to haunt him.

Odong Innocent
Atim Ruth
Omagor Joseph
Isaac Newton Ojok



Name of Film: The Vow
Director: Musisi Alex (
Producer: David Masanso (

Film Synopsis: The vow is a ganda folk tale about a great friendship and trust that once existed between man and rats and how it ended. It is intended to teach children and people the value of trustworthiness and to share in the great wisdom of our ancestors.
Tusiime .A. ilda
Namutebi Sarah
Mugenyi Roy
Kamulegeya Patrick


Name of Film: Arms of Clay
Director: Daudi Mugabi (
Producer: Ian Mutenda (

Film Synopsis: After George Tiyani (Africa’s richest man) meets with the leader of a rebel group called FAITH, a chain of events is triggered that affects Tiyan’s son and his entire generation.

Adong Ruth
Mwase Maria
Muhumuza Allan
Nuwamnya John Baptist


Name of Film: Mr. Kaye (Olwatuuka)
Director: Hisham Musa (
Producer: Istanbul cartoon studio (
Film Synopsis: Some people misuse the running water from one area and cause others to suffer from the dirty water.
Ashraf Musa
Vawe K. Sulaeman

Name of Film: The 7-11
Director: Gilbert Kafuuma (
Producer: Cross roads digital multimedia (U) Ltd

Film Synopsis:
The shortest film about an innocent young boy whose innocence is over taken by two men to blow up and destroy a community. This is intended to create awareness in parents and security to be conscious.

Roy Mugenyi,
Sarah Namutebi,
Germany Gahwita,
Hilda Tusiime


2. Name of Film: Nyugunya
Director: Vince Musisi (
Producer: Kampala Film School
Film Synopsis: My movie is about the notorious phone thief in Kampala.

Nabte Stella
Nsubuga Jovan
Kisakye David
Magezi Christopher


3. Name of Film: Trash Cash
Director: Muzahura Wilberforce Musasizi
Producer: Kampala Film School
Film Synopsis: Trash cash is about a young street kid (Kizito John) who survives by collecting scraps (old metals) and has a very big dream of becoming a lawyer and a better dad. Apart from the various challenges, he says life has to go on.

Wilberforce Muzahura
Faisal Mutunzi
Daniel Ecwalu
Shadia Nabatte
Simon Kanene


1. Name of Film: Hooked (Joe’s story)
Director: Esther Kavuo Sammy (
Producer: Esther Kavuo Sammy (
Film Synopsis: A series highlighting the problem of drug abuse among youth in Uganda (four episodes have been produced so far)

Joe Ibale


2. Name of Film: Afronaut
Director: Africa24 Media (
Producer: Kabinda Lemba (

Film Synopsis: Makuka Nkoloso a Zambian patriot in the 1960’s had a great ambition. His dream was to take 12 astronauts for African astronauts, a space girl and 2 cats to mars he founded his own space academy 7 miles from Lusaka.

Kendi Nkubitu
Kabinda Lemba
Rufas Shilenje
Tommy Banda


3. Name of Film: The Zamrock Survivors
Director: Africa24 Media (
Producer: Kabinda Lemba (
Film Synopsis: When you think of rock and roll, Africa is not a place that comes to mind. Meet Emmanuel Jagari Chanda and Rikki Illilonga who are rock and roll musicians from Zambia. They blended the traditional Zambian songs and played them in a rock style hence Zamrock Music was discovered.

Kendi Nkubitu
Rufas Shilenje
Kabinda Lemba
Peter Kempt



Name of Film: Zamora
Award category: Best Feature Film,
Best Sound,
Best Cinematography

Director: Shams Bhangi (
Producer: Javed Jafferji (
Film Synopsis: Zamora is much more than a Swahili lovestory. It is an evolution of one man’s hidden desires, and his quest to find true love. Filmed against a backdrop of a mystical and mythological world of Zanzibar, the story revolves around Zamora, a vian artist/womanizer on a voyage of self discovery. Filled with romantic connotations about the spice island, he meets Omani woman who mesmerizes and inspires him to buy a dhow to have a comfortable life in paradise.

Richard Dyle Bezuidenhout
Renalda Arbogast Mtaki
Richa Adhia
Habiba Mkubwa Mwinyi


Award category: Best Sceenplay,
Best Editing/Post-Production,
Best Sound,
Best Feature Film

Director:Dilman Dila (
Producer: Dilman Dila (
Film Synopsis: The smelly woman kidnaps a cry baby man in a quest to break the curse and regain her beauty, but his avaricious girlfriend and a corrupt cop pursue her as she races against time to win back her husband’s love.

Veronica Namanda
Isaac Kuddzu
Tibbah Murungi
Gerald M Rutaro


Name of Film: Reform
Award category Best Cinematography,
Best Screenplay
Director:Joseph Ken (
Producer: Joseph Ken (
Film Synopsis: In a modern boarding school, a clique of popular students usually sneak out to go partying. But on this fateful night, Kato, the crew’s ruthless and arrogant leader, gets into a fight with another student on their way back from a night out.Kato is given several punishments among which include working with Grace, a staunch born again girl with high ambitions in life who helps him and his crew get back on track.

Charles Kabogoza
Mark Katamba
Edith Victor . K
Justine Namuganda


Name of Film: The Superstition
Award category: Best Cinematography,
Best Screenplay,
Best Editing/Post Production,
Best Feature Film

Director: Paresh Gondaliya, (
Zziwa Aaron Alone

Producer: Deepak Gondaliya

Film Synopsis: War veteran Wawuyo separates with his wife shortly after returning from a war-torn country of brag where he was working as a security personnel. Their separation is based on mistrust in their relationship. A short time pleasure with a prostitute lands Wawuyo into problems. He struggles to make a living as he supports a child whose parentage is doubted.

Cast: Rogers Masaba
Rober Ernest Bbumba
Jayant Maru
Edlyn Sabrina


Name of Film: Spying on Susana
Award category: Best Feature Film
Director : Nkambo Robert (
Producer : Nkambo Robert
Film Synopsis: Rose is a middle aged man who suspects that his wife Susana is moving out with her new rich boss Mike. With the help of his best friend Max, he sets out on a deadly spying mission to prove his suspicion. However, when the two land on a slash of stolen money, they get sucked into conspiracy. They become a target of the mysterious Goliath and two relentless police officers.

Cast: Anthony Itwara
Godwin Otwoma
Fagil Mandy
Charles Kabogoza