The Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) will hold the fifth edition of the Uganda Film Festival (UFF) from August 28-September 1, 2017. The festival will entail various activities, which include: film exhibition market, film screenings, workshops and forums, organised within the festival week.patience-uff-ug

“The Uganda Film Festival” initiative was established in 2013 to promote the local film industry both locally and internationally, and to bring all the industry stakeholders together in a more focused and structured environment. This is aimed at creating a lucrative industry economically and socially to preserve our national values through film just like Nigeria and USA, among other countries.


  • To stimulate, popularise and give a spot light to the young Uganda film and video industry;
  • To build capacity in the film and video industry through training;
  • To give opportunity for film and video makers to showcase their work to local and international audiences;
  • To promote business linkages and development of the film industry through the festival;
  • To create a forum to encourage linkages between local and international film producers, distributors and exhibitors through creating a Uganda film and video market within the festival, and;
  • To promote the Uganda creative industry by giving opportunity to local creators of the film and video works as well as music in the creative industry in Uganda to support the film industry through performances during festival.