All films submitted should comply with the following;


The festival organisers must have received the completed and signed entry form together with a SOFT COPY OF THE FILM AND 2 DVDs PAL. Submission deadline will be the end of day 15th September 2019.  

The film(s) must be delivered to Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) offices Plot 42-44 Bugolobi, Communications House and at the UCC regional offices in Mbarara, Mbale, Gulu and Masindi or sent to UCC P.O. Box 7376 Kampala, Uganda.


A dully filled Film submission form can be sent to the Uganda Film Festival website (, and a soft copy and 2 DVDs delivered sent to the addresses above or

Through our online link

Submission Requirements

a)  The film(s) for submission for Festival should have been produced after May 2018 and must not have featured in any of the previous Uganda film Festivals.

b)  Films from any country other than East Africa will be accepted at the festival at a fee of 15 Dollars.

c) A duly filled and signed Film submission form.

Eligibility of Films

To be eligible for consideration, all films must meet the following requirements:

  • Animation (2 min+.)
  • Short films (up to 35min or less)
  • Feature-length films (60+ min.)
  • Documentary films (5+ min-40mins)
  • TV Drama/Series: Producer submits (2 episodes only between 5Mins – 40 Mins)  
  • Student films: Postgraduate film works are excluded from submission in the student category for competition.

Other Regulations

  • Participation in the 2019 festival implies acceptance of the rules and regulations by filmmakers and producers.
  • All selected films may be screened or broadcasted in the selected media outlets on the discretion of the Festival organising committee.
  • Films that were previously submitted to other festivals other than the Uganda Film Festival are acceptable into the submission of the Uganda Film Festival 2019.
  • There are NO SUBMISSION fees for the film(s) from Uganda in the UFF 2019 edition. Films from other countries will have to pay a fee of 15 Dollars.
  • Film(s) that are submitted for the Festival in any other format shall not be considered. The film(s) submitted in their INDIGENOUS LANGUAGE should have ENGLISH SUBTITLES.

Entries are accepted in the following formats:

Internet Link (URL)
You can submit your film by sending a link via Vimeo, YouTube, DropBox or WeTransfer or via

If at any time you change the URL and/or password, it is your responsibility to inform us immediately.

With this option, you do not need to send in a physical copy of your film(s).

DVD/Blu-ray Disc
DVD(s) and cases must be labelled (preferably using permanent marker/ink) with film title, filmmaker’s name, phone and email. Please only send TWO (2) copy of your films.

Video Format Requirements:
Accepted File formats (endings): .mp(e)g/.avi/.vob/.mov/.mp4/.m4v
Recommended codecs: MJPEG, Apple ProsRes, H264
Resolution: PAL from 720 x 400px up to HD material 1920x1080px

Audio Format Requirements:
48 kHz sound PCM (only uncompressed)

File Specifications:

We only accept multiplexed files (i.e. with audio, video, and subtitles in a single file). Your film file should not exceed 4GB.
You can upload a film with a resolution of up to 1920 x 1080 pixels (HD), as long as it does not exceed 4GB.

  • When you send in your film, it’s a must to provide a digital copy for archiving, screening and adjudication purposes.
  • You are required to test your film before submission to the Festival.

The following shall not be accepted at the Festival:

  • Trailers as a substitute for your film for selection purposes;
  • Work-in-progress.

Return of Materials
Any material submitted will not be returned but will instead be stored in the Uganda Film Festival Archives by UCC.

Selection of Films
The selected films for screening and those nominated for the competing categories will be publicised by November 4th 2019.

If you have not heard from the festival organisers by then, it means your film has not been selected.

Requirements If Your Film is selected for UFF 2019;

Publicity Materials
You will be required and must submit publicity materials including, but not limited to: filmmaker biography, trailers, images, posters, clips and an electronic press kit. All publicity materials are to be sent at the sender’s expense by the deadlines provided at the time of selection.


The scheduling and the timetabling of both public screenings and press screenings of films are at the sole discretion of the festival and their decision is final and irrevocable. The date(s), time(s) and location(s) of exhibitions of the films shall be at the discretion of the Festival organisers.

Starting of film Submission

During the launch, a call for submission of the films shall be made to start on the 1st August 2019 and shall close on the 15th September 2019.