Uganda Communications Commission has taken on the lead role in streamlining and developing the film industry in Uganda which is in line with UCC mandate to regulate the film industry. One of UCC immediate goals is to stimulate the film industry so that it can achieve its full potential as a source of employment for Ugandans and actively contribute revenue to the country’s economy.

In line with the above, the Commission has decided to hold “The Uganda Film Festival”. This festival is intended to help showcase what the industry is doing and at the same time focusing attention to all the other facets of the industry. The aim is to generate interest in the Ugandan film industry both locally and internationally, but also to bring all the industry players together in a more focused and promising environment.


  • To stimulate and give a spot light to the young Uganda Film & Video industry both locally and internationally.
  • To help build capacity in the budding film & Video industry through training.
  • To sensitize the industry on best practices through seminars and keynote addresses.
  • To give opportunity for Ugandan Film & Video makers to showcase their work to local and international audiences.
  • To create a forum to encourage linkages between local and international film producer, distributors and exhibitor through creating a Uganda film & Video market within the festival.
  • To create a forum for industry players to interact with each other and give peer reviews.
  • Enable Uganda film industry players get opportunities to gain exposure by facilitating visits to other international festivals and scholarships to international and local short courses on film.
  • Financially supporting film initiatives of high potential film/Video industry players through provision of film grants.
  • To promote in general the Uganda creative industry by giving opportunity to local musicians and other member in the creative industry in Uganda to support the film industry through performances during festival.