This festival is an annual event that runs for a period of five (5) days. This year’s theme is “Promoting culture through Film

Planned Activities
The film festival will feature the following activities:

Screening of film, movies, and TV series and dramas

The Commission through its partners i.e. cinema halls, and TV stations intends to set aside time to show films made in Uganda. The idea is to have heavy visibility of Ugandan films/movies during the festival period.

Training workshops and Fora

Experts with broad knowledge and experience of the film industry will be invited to do carry out training and make keynote addresses on identified topics. The plan is to source for training partners. This will be for registered members on first-come-first-serve basis. The registration forms are to be found on the UFF website.

Film Exhibition Market

During the festival, space will be organised for industry players to set up stalls to either sell their film related products or to buy. These may include; content developers, Video/Film equipment and accessories sellers, distributors, TV stations, cinemas, film training institutions, banks and other independent financiers from within and outside Uganda.

Uganda Film Festival Awards

The festival will climax with an Awards Gala night where prizes shall be given out to best categories for the different awards.

Regional outreaches

The festival is a national initiative and all regions of Uganda should be interested to participate in the different activities organised during the festival including screenings, trainings, workshops, film market and the exhibition.