State Research Bureau Nominee: Best Sound, Best Screenplay, Best Feature Film, and Film of the Year.

Director and producer: Matt Bish

Film Synopsis:

A family tries to flee the insurgency but they are intercepted by a tyrant who operates a safe house in which his captives are tortured and killed.


Akataka (The Small Piece)Nominee: Best Feature Film and Film of the Year

Director and producer: Joseph KennethSsebaggala

Film Synopsis:

The life of a young couple, Petero and Rosemary, takes unexpected turn when Petero is bewitched due to land wrangles between families. Petero’s uncle tries and eventually finds a solution to his condition. After recovering from the bewitching it turns out that Petero does not want to reunite with his wife and is only won over when it emerges that Rosemary is expecting their child.


Peter Bwanika, Simon Peter Kivumbi, Priscilla Namutebi Mulungi, Rogers Masaba


The RouteNominee: Best Feature Film

Director: Jayant Maro

Producers: Jayant Maru and Eric Wamasebu

Film Synopsis:

The route is a film set against the back drop of the human trafficking industry.

Sharon Detoro, Solomon Kigonya, Esther Bwanika, Jackson Oyugi


King’s VirginNominee: Best Cinematography and Best Feature Film

Director: Prince Joe Nakibinge

Producer: Hassan Mageye

Film Synopsis:

Each year the kingdom of Swande holds a ceremony where the king chooses a new bride from the kingdom’s virgins. This particular year things go wrong when the he chooses a maiden who happens to be already madly in love with one of his servants.


Okusaalimba (The Trespass)Nominee: Best Cinematography, Best Screenplay, Best Sound and Best Feature Film

Director: Ali Mikenga

Producer: Dennis Dhikusooka

Film Synopsis:

A high-school thriller about university students who went camping and ended up tampering with an evil necklace.


Savio Sempewo, Jacob Dibohere, Phiona Mbabazi and Irene Nassozi


A Good Catholic GirlNominee: Best Short Film

Director and producer: Matt Bish

Film Synopsis:

A Muslim girl goes beyond her boundaries to try and seek love in territories that remain a taboo in Islam.


Sente SenteNominee: Best Short Film

Directors: Isaac Morgan Kimuli and Aj Brooks

Film Synopsis:

A young man wins a brutal street fight but is denied his prize money by a thief who runs away with it. He goes after the thieves and fights unrelentingly until he recovers it which he donates to a street child to enable him begin school.


Isaac Morgan Kimuli, John Sebuyinza, Solomon Basajja and

Andrew Lutaaya


Enda (Suicide Note)Nominee:

Best Short Film

Director: Dan Mugisha

Producer: Edward Mubiru

Film Synopsis:

After rejection by friends and family, she writes down a suicide note indicating that she is also is pregnant.


Herbert Bijampora, Sheilah Kyakukunda, Janet Namiwanda, Ronald Ainomugisha


Is this Love? (Guno Mukwano)Nominee:Best Short Film

Director and Producer: Sharp Sewali

Film Synopsis:

Richard returns home to find his wife Nakakawa in no mood for niceties.


Anne Kansiime, Dennis Muwaga, Eric Najuna, and Yvonne Kushe

Paranormal DreamsNominee: Best Short Film

Director: Komakech Daniel

Producer: Onen Martin and Lumumba Patrick

Film Synopsis:

This film is about a boy who is plagued with nightmares whenever he closes his eyes to sleeps. The night mares are so horrifyingly realistic that they drive him to the point of thinking of killing himself to escape the torture.

Cast: Joseph Omagor, Daniel Onen, Martin Onen, Ivan Kavan Kayongo, Edward Mubiru, Stephen Wamono and Dan Mugisha


Uganda at 50 YearsNominee: Best Animated Film and Film of the Year.

Director: Alex Musisi

Producer: David Masanso

Film Synopsis: This is a short animation documentary drive 50 years of Uganda

Cast: Alex Musisi, David Masanso, Steven Bakadde, Izaq Lugolobi


ImitateNominee: Best Animated Film and Film of the Year.

Director: Alex Musisi

Producer: David Masanso

Film Synopsis:

This is a short animated folk story based on the central region of Uganda. As a man was going to sell his hats, monkeys stole them

Voice Actors: David Masanso, Alex Musisi, and Izaq Lugolobi.

Tit for TatNominee: Best Animated Film

Director and producer: Richard Kato

Film Synopsis:

“Tit for tat” is a 3D short animation with a storyline that clearly highlights the price of being selfish.


AbhorNominee: Best Student Film

Director: Gerald Kaliisa

Producer: Doreen Kauima

Film Synopsis:

Junior a PWD finally forgives his step mother who mistreated him following his real mother’s act of abandoning him at the door of his father’s house.


Fred Batale, Deborah Zawedde, Godfrey Tenywa, Miriam .N. Bangomin


The CellNominee: Best Student Film

Director: Saddam Sejjemba

Producer: Mariam Ndagire

Film Synopsis:

Zubeda Namukasa returns home from drinking binge one evening and finds her daughter Sofia dead. She is taken to police for interrogation and later incarcerated for murder. Namatovu Lillian a woman activist comes to find out about Zubeda and works around the clock to secure her released.

Clot (The Adultery Break)Nominee: Best Student

Producer: Julius Albert Mutebi

Film Synopsis:

An angry man invades a party with the intent of revenge on a married man Jimmy, who was is having an affair with his wife Vicky.

Cast: Ofla C. Gudman, Immaculate Natukunda, Scovia Nakawunde


The RegretNominee: Best Student Film

Director: Brendah Nakimbugwe

Film Synopsis:

Teenagers who concentrate on studies postponing love life until after graduation.

Cast: Brendah Nakinbugwe, Hawah Nabaale, Ritah Arinaitwe, and Joan Nakanjako


Bloody SunsetNominee: Best Student Film

Director: Hakim Hackman Bigaruka

Producer: Mariam Ndagire

Film Synopsis:

Bamulanzeki Katie arrives home from school and finds her parents murdered in cold blood, she runs away due to fear and frustration but with an aim of finding the murderers of her parents. Will she be able to find the murderers?

Ekikolimo (The Curse)Nominee:Best Screenplay, Best Sound and Best Cinematography Film


Ivan Kavan Kayongo

Film Synopsis:

A group of students on field work find themselves on an unknown island and they decide to take and extra mile to sail, and this gets nature pissed.


Where We BelongNominees:Best Sound, Best Cinematography

Director and Producer: Mariam Ndagire

Film Synopsis:

A troubled aging rich and famous engineer, Byandaala, is psychologically battered by his sister for not fathering any kids. This lands him into the arms of a young and naive Brianna, a university student who strives to achieve her own old aspirations.


Mariam Ndagire, Wycliff Luyombya, Patrick Mujuuka, and Peter Suuna


Die with MeNominee: Best Cinematography

Director: Dan Mugisha

Producers: Edwardo Mubiru, Isaac Mutebi, Stephen Wamono, Kayongo Ivan Kavan

Film Synopsis:

After discovering that tribalism is a mental prison, this lover boy decides to break the tribe customs and runs away with the bride.


The CockroachNominee: Best Screenplay and Best Sound Film

Director: Ronnieman Mubiru Nsubuga

Producer: Dickson Lubega

Film Synopsis:

High school film of six (6) orphans of one family. Antena leads the struggle to survive and still study. Uncle Piano, a guardian and a choreographic adjudicator, suggests a dancing group to compete for 100,000$. One of them goes crazy.

Cast: MM Saava Vikram, Ronnieman Mubiru Nsubuga, Phiona K. Ronah, Brandon